To Dwell or Not to Dwell that is the Question…

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Wow, has it really come to this? Is the state of our economy at a place where single 30, 40, 50 even 60 year old male and female alike college degree bearing, solid career having, pension holding individuals are forced to take up co-habitation with other just as successful persons of no relation. No, I’m not talking about a spouse that you no longer like or some other type of significant other. What I’m speaking of, shall I dare say the words, or is there a way that I can say them without making the person labeled as such sound totally juvenile, or immature lacking some of the luster and validity that we all expected our adult lives to be.

Oh well, here it goes… I’m talking about ADULT ROOMATES! I mean full fledged, entirely grown, hardworking, college educated people having to seek out other adults, not to be with but to reside with in order to be able afford a half way decent living space. The typical ad for the seeker reads as follows: SBF 40’ish seeking another 40’ish F to split the rent and help pay for cat food. Suddenly the Odd Couple doesn’t seem so odd and Three’s Company isn’t just a late night syndicated re-run of a 70’s comedy on TV Land: for a lot of us its life and believe me most of the time it aint so comical. Did we ever think it would come to this? Well if you didn’t know, I’m here to tell you for a great percentage of us New Yorkers it has.

The sweet and swingin single life aint so sweet and its nowhere near swingin, dangling maybe but swingin it is not. But I’ll tell you what is; our financial wellbeing. It seems to be on a flying trapeze even with all of the 401K’s, mutual funds, IRA’s and right along with all of the sacrifices we have to make i.e. privacy, a tad bit of dignity, a snippet of humility and a wholehearted sense of stability and accomplishment, just to be able to SWING the rent and the light bill.

Not to mention those of us poor unfortunate souls without healthcare that have to rely on a self diagnosis after googleing our symptoms and hoping that one of our more fortunate insured friends has recently been sick with the same or similar ailment and on top of that were just a little careless and didn’t take all of their Generic brand but “Just as potent” Dr. prescribed antibiotics. Now this may sound kinda funny being written here like this but believe me there is nothing funny about having an alleged “sinus infection” according to and standing on an overcrowded, hot & stuffy train feeling as if your head is about to pop off your neck praying for a penicillin or an amoxicillin or anything with the suffix cillin on the end of it. JUST ONE PLEASE! And if all else fails the prayer may change to LORD TAKE ME NOW, LORD PLEASE JUST TAKE ME NOW!

I don’t believe as a child that I once ever uttered the following statement, “Mommy when I grow up I want to make something of myself. I want to go to college spending $69,000 along the way, doing so in order to be able to live with my cousin and her son for the rest of my life! Or at least until I get married.” Which has seemed to have lost some of its luster as well. Nowadays getting married is almost like you’re just acquiring another kind of roommate. Unless of course you are one of the lucky ones who is or ends up marrying a Bill Gates/Oprah Winfrey or a P-Diddy/Angelina Jolie type or heck just someone with access to a little extra cash. But if you’re like most of us, not quite as lucky the bills you will be-a-splittin. 

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