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Opinions, Agree or Not it’s what they are

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Now a political person I am not. As a matter of fact I am far from it. A friend and I once said in a joking manner but totally serious, “There are three things that we will never discuss or even bring up at a party or with any group of people and that is Religion, Politics and who’s the best rapper: Tu Pac, Jay Z, Biggie, or Nas?” Why? Because they are all based on a matter of opinion with some facts thrown in here and there but when it all boils down what is it? One’s opinion, so why even bother wasting energy discussing them. KNOW ONE WILL EVER WIN!

That being said I have on occasion been known to express my disenchantment with the whole voting process and the outdated system of the Electoral College, who, I believe, are the real decision makers in the whole grand scheme of this thing we call voting. Never believing that my vote would truly count – especially after the Bush/Gore debauchery of 2000, I must admit never excised my right to do so.

After Barack Obama, Sarah Palan has done more for community organizing than anyone else in the last 40 years. “A mayor is sort of life a community organizer, only with actual responsibilities” What a great line! Sure, it’s a crock, but lots of people loved it and everyone noticed. When’s the last time c.o got noticed by 35 million people?

And by he way, who was laughing? A bunch of white guys who look like me, except their ties are more expensive. They should laugh: after all, organizers have been running environmental campaigns that threatened their toxic run-offs, stopped the developers among their ranks from completely bulldozing the Everglades, kept pro-choice clinics open for scared teens, made sure people saw that the last three wars were kinda horrible, and generally worked to make their corporate lives miserable.

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