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Now a political person I am not. As a matter of fact I am far from it. A friend and I once said in a joking manner but totally serious, “There are three things that we will never discuss or even bring up at a party or with any group of people and that is Religion, Politics and who’s the best rapper: Tu Pac, Jay Z, Biggie, or Nas?” Why? Because they are all based on a matter of opinion with some facts thrown in here and there but when it all boils down what is it? One’s opinion, so why even bother wasting energy discussing them. KNOW ONE WILL EVER WIN!

That being said I have on occasion been known to express my disenchantment with the whole voting process and the outdated system of the Electoral College, who, I believe, are the real decision makers in the whole grand scheme of this thing we call voting. Never believing that my vote would truly count – especially after the Bush/Gore debauchery of 2000, I must admit never excised my right to do so.

But now that our democracy seems to be on a downward spiral to the pits of hell if some changes aren’t made and fast. The very thing that is supposed to be the basis of what our government was created upon and paraphrased so eloquently by Lincoln, “OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People” has seemed to be forced to exit stage left leaving the governments political headliners who by the way are definitely none OF the people I know are getting everything they want funded and or paid for by any means necessary BY the people. But what about the last part of that phrase? FOR the people, what are The People actually getting?

Some will argue that, “Oh we have freedom of speech and the right to rally peacefully & blah, blah blah, etc, etc…” Well let me tell you how I feel about that, right now I’d gladly sit down and shut up for some free healthcare and a gallon of premium gas that cost less than fo’ dollars and fiddy cents on average (and I don’t even have a car but it’s the principle of it all… I’ve seen people putting 87 octane in a vehicle that you know should be given no less than 93) it just aint righteous! Admit it or not we all know that the majority of us have done it – sat down and shut up – for a lot less.

So if there’s a slight shred of hope that my vote may actually count the nonbeliever that I am went on Rock the Vote.com and filled out my 1st ever set of voters registration papers for the State of New York , aren’t you proud of me?! Wow, never thought I would be but I’m kind of excited. Now all I need to send it in is a copy of a utility bill with my name and current address on it! Okay now here’s where the problem lies, since I’ve never lived on my own in my entire adult life I DON’T HAVE ONE! Cue the 70’s blooper sound –Wonwaaa! The utilities have always seemed to be in my roommates’ name. Talking about irony! Which brings me full circle right back to my last blog topic – Adult Roommates: Why, Why, Why? Well, I have one, how about you?

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