Are you Hungry?

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On Thanksgiving 2008, I went to visit my daughter and grandchildren in California. While there I was disturbed by the long lines of people waiting to get food from different food pantries. I didn’t realize the magnitude of people who are hungry.

When I got back in New York, I researched how many food pantries there are in the city and across the United States. And there are thousands of pantries and more going up each day because of the rate of unemployment increasing drastically. These pantries are run by churches, human service organizations and out of homes by every day people trying to help.

With this awareness, I began to check my mail and saw that every day I was receiving requests from all over the country for donations, especially to feed the hungry

In December, I sat with my partners during a council of elders circle meeting and requested that we donate money to various charities that have food pantries. One of the partners said that’s easy to do all we have to do is make a check out, we can be finished in 5 minutes but there is something missing. Another partner said this issue is more than money; we could be hungry for knowledge, family, food, companionship, love, relationships. A decision was made to invite a group of people to discuss the issue of Are you hungry? We sent out invitations to discuss “Food for the body/Food for the soul.

The meeting was held in the middle of December and the group came up with various alternatives, one of which was to establish community food co-ops.

I would like to invite you to share your thoughts and ideas you or your organizations have to address this pressing issue.

Liz Laboy


I love what you said, Liz! I think folks are going to respond on the blog because this is such a huge problem. In fact, just yesterday I read a piece in the ny times about the plight of hungry and malnourished children in india, where there has been a so called economic boom. Well, that boom certainly is not helping 230 million hungry children. To me one child who is hungry is too much, but the stats are appalling. 42 percent of india's children under 5 are malnourished. and india has one fourth of all of the malnourished people in the world. I go crazy when I hear about so much money being thrown at banks and companies and the suffering of the poor goes largely unnoticed - why is that not a crisis to our governments?

Gosh, I needed to vent about this.

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