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Dr. Fabricant Explains Why This Book Matters

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Rare indeed is the occasion when one has the opportunity to offer deserved praise for a creative work to friends publicly. For many of us, this is one of those very special moments.

When reading Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services: Why the Glass is Always Full, I was reminded of a scene from the film "Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid. " Paul Newman and Robert Redford are being chased after robbing a bank. It was a bank like any other except they were being tracked and the posse was catching up. That was a new experience for them and every few moments Butch would turn around and repeat the same question, "who are those guys?" The same could be said for Steve and Willie.

"Who are these guys" to offer those of us toiling in the human services many hours each week and often under the most difficult conditions a book of such hope?

Who are these guys to reach back to the skin of specific simple truths such as "clean as you go" or the "second golden rule" as the basis for a complex rethinking of how we experience our practice work and reinvent it to meet the increasingly desperate needs of those we serve?

And, finally, who are these guys to have the audacity to offer a new teaching writing form for building new forms of practice thinking. One that seamlessly blends the coherence of fictional narrative the rigor of academic sources, grounded exemplars of transformative leadership with rich exercises to promote dialogue and critical thinking.

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