Walking While Texting: Are you a PDA-ddict? (Just for laughs)

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texter.jpgI know we've all seen it before haven't we?...The avid texter, IM chatter or E-mailer walking down the middle of the sidewalk, coming off of the elevator, or even crossing a busy street oblivious to what's going on around them due to the shear devotion of getting what ever message off they are so feverishly typing by any means necessary. This person most undoubtedly must be closing a multi-million dollar business deal. Right? Probably not. I must admit I have been a culprit of this crime a time or two (thousand) and let's face it on the train you almost look like a creature from another planet when u don't have the cords from a pair of iPod ear buds hanging from your ears. That being said I am not a total crack head well, not literally anyway my crack of choice is not the illegal kind sold on corners or in dark alley ways it is the perfectly legalized dope known as the Blackberry smart phone or better known in some circles as the crackberry curve 8830. With that said I would also like to proudly announce that I have now noticed the error of my ways and like a fellow friend of mines so modestly said today about his crackberry habit, I am working through my addiction.

Some argue that very statement or description of this affliction that my generation suffers so badly from as being an addiction at all. Mainly our elders... Most of whom absolutely hate, hate, HATE IT! They feel that my peeps (the I want it NOW-ers) are just being inconsiderate, irresponsible and rude.

I beg to differ; it has to be an addiction because how else would you explain the major blunders in some cases with very tragic results incurred by people who were glued to their PDA's? Let us delve into the definition of an addict shall we: The Macmillan fully illustrated dictionary for children simply define it as: Ad.dict- A person who cannot stop a harmful habit. Now some might say how can texting be considered a harmful habit? Well if it’s being performed under the constraints of which it was designed--harmless. Put that same Iberry-G1 whatever in the hands of someone operating a motor vehicle or hey let's even go a step further and say a construction crane, or like the most current blackberry infraction all over the news that was committed during a meeting with a multimillionaire pissing him off to the point of vowing to sabotage the perpetrators’ entire career and taking down the democratic majority vote in the senate in the process! I mean what text, IM or email could ever be that important that it’s worth risking your life over? It’s as clearly as addictive as any other hard narcotic. I mean loving, caring mother-of-the-year candidates do it while driving with their babies in the back seat for Gods sake! Well, you get my drift.

Now you’re probably wondering the point that I am trying to make by speaking upon this most frivolous act? I am just simply trying to help clear up one stigma of this seemingly stigma plagued generation of mine by saying: Mom, dad, grandma, gramps, Auntie Diane we do care about the conversation that's going on over dinner and were not being rude its just that this damn red light keeps flashing and I have to make ittt Stoppppp! Sorry I got caught up in the moment. Where was I? Oh yeah, to put it out there curt and to the point, we’re addicts and we just simply cannot help it.

I agree this is not an excuse as most of you non-texters are probably saying to yourselves right now and I'm not trying to make it one. What I will agree to is that most of us are guilty of is being ignorant of our addiction or even acknowledging the fact of being a PDA-ddict at all, and you know what they say about denial, it is the first sign of any addiction. Even still I will be the first to admit that this is wrong.

We need to collectively step up to the plate, recognize our affliction and take the steps towards being more conscious, considerate and responsible texters, IM chatters and mobile E-mailers! But until that happens, please have a heart and watch out for us on the train, blindly crossing the street or barreling out of an elevator with our heads buried in a PDA… Remember for the most of us we know not what we do. SMH1 in shame

Written by a recovering text addict on a blackberry while walking home from the train station crossing many busy streets along the way... What can I say I said I'm working THROUGH my addiction.

1.SMH – Shaking My Head (for all of you non-texters)

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