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Cyber Love… I Think NOT!!!

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Is it just me or do u feel the men of the millennium or for better clarification men that fall between ages of 25-38 have replaced normal one-to-one human on human communication with that special someone with the current ever-so-popular technology based form! i.e. Texting, instant messaging and emailing.

Now no disrespect to you 40 plus-ers, I stop at the age of 38 only because I've found (have a 40 year old sister who will vouch for me) in the exception of a rare few (men & women alike) beyond that age bracket just can't seem to get the system down. I mean you don't understand the smh's and the ROTFLMAO's and you sometimes even take LOL's out of context. Now please, try not to take what I just said as an insult or like I'm calling you old and out of touch but instead take it how it was intended, as a compliment. I mean really, because you dudes still know how to pick up the phone and speak through them like normal human beings. You know the way God okay maybe not God but at least as Alexander Graham Bell intended.

Ok, back to the point I'm trying to make... Who doesn't love the occasional impromptu, off the cuff & out of the blue, virtually unexpected, "Hey babes how's your day goin?" Or quick reminders like “Our date is still on for tonight @ 8 right?" Or even the totally rare, "Just thinking of you" text, email or IM? But c’mon Fellas don't get too comfortable and start using cyber talk as your main form of communication with your lady or should I rephrase that, your better half. Your lady friend can get a text but your better half, your baby, your boo, your girl, your main squeeze should rate and were not asking for much, at least one 3-5 min phone call a day. At LEAST!

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