DCAS Beyond Time Management Course

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Beyond Time Managaement: The Importance of Self-Care & Transformational Leadership in Times of Crisis

Citywide-Training-Center-Seminar.jpgOn October 24th and 25th of 2011 and again at the end of January of 2012 LTG will conduct a two day Management & Supervision Course for the The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). The two day course is offered in the Citywide Training Center Catalogue which is available for download.

Course Reference Number: C9322
Days of Training: 2 | Professional Credits: 1.2CEU/8CPE | Tuition: $250
Dates: Oct 24-25, 2011; Jan 30-31, 2012

The pressing fiscal demands and diminished staffing every agency confronts can cause a toxic work environment that leads to burn-out and illness as the seemingly unending urgency to agency life goes on and on.

This seminar offers a corrective to traditional models of time management and places at its center tools and techniques that help leaders engage in self-care on the job. By offering a model of transformational leadership based on 'leadership from within,' this seminar frames leadership in ways that build resilience, expands reliance on teamwork, and connects staff to "legacy work" that inspires and energizes even in times of genuine difficulty.

Activities, exercises and reflections will be offered throughout on addressing dynamics of urgency, burn-out, self-care, handling difficult staff, and how to heal while remaining productive.

For more information contact Citywide Training Center by calling (212) 487-5600 or send an email to citywidetrainingcenter@dcas.nyc.gov


  • Learn a new framework for assessing leadership and self-care through "leadership from within"

  • Examine your urgency index and assess levels of burnout

  • Learn ways to diminish anger and reaction first within yourself and then your staff

  • Examine the character-driven qualities within your work that help balance your approach to work

  • Develop an "internal strategic vision" that becomes a foundation to your daily work

  • Practice forms of self-care that emphasize resilience and personal mastery that can model such behaviors for your staff

Target Audience: Managers, directors, supervisors, and professionals who want to develop a leadership framework and leadership skills that can used for self-care, ending burn-out and provide a powerful model of "internal leadership" that diminishes stress while remaining focused on the tasks at hand.

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