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LTG Associate Kamili Franklin to Launch ‘Life Coaching' Program

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In response to the growing requests of younger professionals, especially from communities of color, to better negotiate the difficult transitions in work and life that confront people between 20 and 40 in today’s difficult job market and equally troubling social sphere, LTG is proud to announce that Kamili Franklin, LTG Associate since 2006, will be our first LTG Life Coach.

Two Exciting Seminars at DCAS EXPO for NYC Employees

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Leadership Transformation Group has been given the opportunity by New York City’s Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to present two leadership seminars on September 12th, 2012 to all NYC employees at their annual EXPO held at 2 Washington Street.

Due to our success across the city within a variety of public and non-profit agencies, LTG partners decided to offer distinctive seminars that are less traditional than most management and leadership offerings.

MSU School of Social Work, Oct. 2012

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Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver have been invited by Michigan State University School of Social Work to present an all-day seminar based on their book “Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services: Why the Glass Is Always Full.”

According to MSU Continuing education Director and Professor of Social Work Dr. Michele Brock, the LTG partner’ book “inspired students each term” in management and leadership courses offered at the School. Entitled “Transformative Leadership in Times of Crisis in Human Services,” the seminar is the centerpiece of the School’s continuing educational program for the Fall of 2012.

Burghardt will be travelling on October 19th to deliver the seminar, which will be followed by a reception honoring the two speakers.

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