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VI: Neglected White Kids


There’s a lot of understandable attention in child welfare right now about racial disproportionality. Black kids are way overrepresented in the system compared to their actual numbers in the general population. In comparison, Latino kids are pretty proportionate, and Asian-American and White American kids underrepresented.

There’s been a lot of ink (or at least a lot of fonts) written about what brought this about, ranging from historical themes related to the Black family and slavery, the dynamics of race and poverty, and institutionalized forms of racism attributed to child welfare gatekeepers. Most of what I’ve read makes sense in understanding the causes of the problem, but they don’t address how to change it very much, other than create work groups to address the issue. Since work groups tend to read a lot, I thought I’d write about one of my best friends as a kid, a boy named Ross “Butch” Pettis.

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