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Two Exciting Seminars at DCAS EXPO for NYC Employees


Leadership Transformation Group has been given the opportunity by New York City’s Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to present two leadership seminars on September 12th, 2012 to all NYC employees at their annual EXPO held at 2 Washington Street.

Due to our success across the city within a variety of public and non-profit agencies, LTG partners decided to offer distinctive seminars that are less traditional than most management and leadership offerings.

Defining Leadership for Social Workers


an article by Robert Schachter, DSW, LMSW, Executive Director, NASW-NYC

Our work is so important, we might call it "sacred"; the daily grind is so great, the meaning may be lost.

The value of recognizing emerging leaders at the Chapter's Third Annual Awards Dinner was underscored by Willie Tolliver, Associate Professor Social Work at the Hunter College School of Social Work. Dr. Tolliver was asked to relate the idea of emerging leadership to the publication of his new book, written with Hunter Professor Steve Burghardt. The book is titled Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services.

The potential for leadership is never far - if we look honestly within ourselves and view others as they truly are.

From schools to non profits to large public sector agencies, there are leaders throughout the fabric of organizations. Many of these people do not have fancy formal titles or hold high ranking positions. Much of their work may go unnoticed and unrecognized. Many of their voices are rarely heard until we take the time to listen. They are the janitors, the front desk staff, the computer technicians, the cooks, the administrative assistants, the van drivers,... They are people who can create the pulse of an organization and who, through many years of dedicated service, have come to know what an organization is really about and can help shape where it is going.

No organization struggling to survive in today’s economic climate, whether supportive housing agency or housing development corporation, can do so without utilizing the talents of all its staff…and yet few do.

Using lessons from their recent book, LTG Partners Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver offered tools to do so at a workshop at the Annual Affordable Housing Conference of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State in Albany. They explored how we all can undo racial tensions on the job, end daily crisis management, and move from competition among team members to genuine partnership.

Working in child welfare agencies, I have seen examples of genuine partnerships and teamwork between managers and front-line staff. I have also seen managers miss critical opportunities to nurture the talents of their front-line staff.

How have you and your colleagues tapped into the talents and leadership potential of all of your staff, especially your front-line workers and support staff?

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