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LTG Associate Kamili Franklin to Launch ‘Life Coaching' Program

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In response to the growing requests of younger professionals, especially from communities of color, to better negotiate the difficult transitions in work and life that confront people between 20 and 40 in today’s difficult job market and equally troubling social sphere, LTG is proud to announce that Kamili Franklin, LTG Associate since 2006, will be our first LTG Life Coach.

Cyber Love… I Think NOT!!!

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Is it just me or do u feel the men of the millennium or for better clarification men that fall between ages of 25-38 have replaced normal one-to-one human on human communication with that special someone with the current ever-so-popular technology based form! i.e. Texting, instant messaging and emailing.

Now no disrespect to you 40 plus-ers, I stop at the age of 38 only because I've found (have a 40 year old sister who will vouch for me) in the exception of a rare few (men & women alike) beyond that age bracket just can't seem to get the system down. I mean you don't understand the smh's and the ROTFLMAO's and you sometimes even take LOL's out of context. Now please, try not to take what I just said as an insult or like I'm calling you old and out of touch but instead take it how it was intended, as a compliment. I mean really, because you dudes still know how to pick up the phone and speak through them like normal human beings. You know the way God okay maybe not God but at least as Alexander Graham Bell intended.

Ok, back to the point I'm trying to make... Who doesn't love the occasional impromptu, off the cuff & out of the blue, virtually unexpected, "Hey babes how's your day goin?" Or quick reminders like “Our date is still on for tonight @ 8 right?" Or even the totally rare, "Just thinking of you" text, email or IM? But c’mon Fellas don't get too comfortable and start using cyber talk as your main form of communication with your lady or should I rephrase that, your better half. Your lady friend can get a text but your better half, your baby, your boo, your girl, your main squeeze should rate and were not asking for much, at least one 3-5 min phone call a day. At LEAST!

texter.jpgI know we've all seen it before haven't we?...The avid texter, IM chatter or E-mailer walking down the middle of the sidewalk, coming off of the elevator, or even crossing a busy street oblivious to what's going on around them due to the shear devotion of getting what ever message off they are so feverishly typing by any means necessary. This person most undoubtedly must be closing a multi-million dollar business deal. Right? Probably not. I must admit I have been a culprit of this crime a time or two (thousand) and let's face it on the train you almost look like a creature from another planet when u don't have the cords from a pair of iPod ear buds hanging from your ears. That being said I am not a total crack head well, not literally anyway my crack of choice is not the illegal kind sold on corners or in dark alley ways it is the perfectly legalized dope known as the Blackberry smart phone or better known in some circles as the crackberry curve 8830. With that said I would also like to proudly announce that I have now noticed the error of my ways and like a fellow friend of mines so modestly said today about his crackberry habit, I am working through my addiction.

Some argue that very statement or description of this affliction that my generation suffers so badly from as being an addiction at all. Mainly our elders... Most of whom absolutely hate, hate, HATE IT! They feel that my peeps (the I want it NOW-ers) are just being inconsiderate, irresponsible and rude.

Opinions, Agree or Not it’s what they are

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Now a political person I am not. As a matter of fact I am far from it. A friend and I once said in a joking manner but totally serious, “There are three things that we will never discuss or even bring up at a party or with any group of people and that is Religion, Politics and who’s the best rapper: Tu Pac, Jay Z, Biggie, or Nas?” Why? Because they are all based on a matter of opinion with some facts thrown in here and there but when it all boils down what is it? One’s opinion, so why even bother wasting energy discussing them. KNOW ONE WILL EVER WIN!

That being said I have on occasion been known to express my disenchantment with the whole voting process and the outdated system of the Electoral College, who, I believe, are the real decision makers in the whole grand scheme of this thing we call voting. Never believing that my vote would truly count – especially after the Bush/Gore debauchery of 2000, I must admit never excised my right to do so.

To Dwell or Not to Dwell that is the Question…

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Wow, has it really come to this? Is the state of our economy at a place where single 30, 40, 50 even 60 year old male and female alike college degree bearing, solid career having, pension holding individuals are forced to take up co-habitation with other just as successful persons of no relation. No, I’m not talking about a spouse that you no longer like or some other type of significant other. What I’m speaking of, shall I dare say the words, or is there a way that I can say them without making the person labeled as such sound totally juvenile, or immature lacking some of the luster and validity that we all expected our adult lives to be.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

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This was written after a very heated,5 day discussion over the all important life altering issue of - Sanding verses Buffing - The repair of the hard wood floors in my new apartment.
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  A never ending battle of the sexes that seems to have been going on since the beginning of time, has this battle changed either party's way of thinking?  Has it eased up just a little bit?  Has one single solitary issue been solved? Nope, not at all!

A very close friend of mine (a wise women she is) said it best: "men see what they call the overall big picture, so to speak, as we women pay attention to the little details."  Wow! That small statement speaks volumes.  Just think of the last female VS male argument you were a part of (or not a part maybe jus t a spectator or a confidant for either party).  What was the true basis of that argument? BINGO! The solution or answer that he saw was cut & dry, plain & simple, right there in plain sight- in his eyes that is in black and white.  Meanwhile there was a little voice in your head screaming or maybe not so much in your head as it was out loud- YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! It's not that simple, how could you be so oblivious to the obvious?  Which takes us right back to my friends statement - "He just sees a picture while we pay close attention to the details."

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