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Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century

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LTG partner, Steve Burghardt has just published a textbook with Sage Publications, Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century. Combining his earlier work as a community organizer and his recent years as an LTG consultant and executive coach with human service agencies, the book develops an integrated "macro meets micro" approach for social workers and community organizers. By using a story-telling approach at the start of each chapter that features two young organizers at the start of their careers and as they develop into a field director and agency executive, the work follows the life span of those who work in the field, arguing that a commitment to social justice need not end at the grass roots level.

One of the most exciting chapters was written by LTG consultant Mohan V Krishna, who explored the use of the Internet as a vital organizing tool. By focusing on the explosion of "virtual organizing" after the defeat of Proposition 8 in California, Krishna goes on to analyze both the power to mobilize nation-wide actions that the internet provides as well as the possible limits in the creation of "virtual trust" and the implications for long-term organizing efforts.

Defining Leadership for Social Workers

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an article by Robert Schachter, DSW, LMSW, Executive Director, NASW-NYC

Our work is so important, we might call it "sacred"; the daily grind is so great, the meaning may be lost.

The value of recognizing emerging leaders at the Chapter's Third Annual Awards Dinner was underscored by Willie Tolliver, Associate Professor Social Work at the Hunter College School of Social Work. Dr. Tolliver was asked to relate the idea of emerging leadership to the publication of his new book, written with Hunter Professor Steve Burghardt. The book is titled Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services.

Do you work in child welfare?

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How has LTG helped you to "Hit Issues Head On"?

Since 1997, The Leadership Transformation Group has been facilitating supervisor management trainings, workshops, retreats, leadership forums and trainings and continues in its desire to heal the adults who work with children and families in child welfare.

Our facilitators have been trained to think outside of the box when using our curriculum and to use teachable moments whenever an issue arises. Whether it's a complaint about a situation in their unit, the department or they need information on how to handle a complex issue, the LTG facilitators have been there to assist them in any way.

In these trying economic times, I am asking facilitators and training participants – How have we helped you to stay the course and continue to remain positive at work and at home?

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