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First Stop: NYS Supportive Housing Conference

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LTG Partners Deliver Workshop to Standing-Room Only Crowd at 9th Annual Supportive Housing Network of New York (SHNNY) Conference at the New York Hilton: June 9th.




At the start of the morning as the hustle and bustle of a large crowd of about 125 or so filed into the Renaissance Room of the Hilton Hotel for LTG partners Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver's workshop "Transforming Leaders in Times of Uncertainty" there seemed to be a mixed bag of energies. There was the enthusiastic ready-to-go energy of, "Oh my gosh, did it already start? Hope I didn't miss anything" to the indifferent "Yeah I'll take a flyer lady,' while thinking... "I can use it as proof of my attendance." And, of course, there was the ever-unenthusiastic "I hope this will not turn out to be a waste of 1 1/2hrs of my already stretched-thin-never seeming-to-be-my-own time."

As the work shop quickly began to unfold and the LTG partners took their turns speaking, bouncing off of each other, both charismatic and intellectual but totally different styles of speaking, the energies of the audience began to change. A change directly due to the way that the information was being delivered which was most impressive.

texter.jpgI know we've all seen it before haven't we?...The avid texter, IM chatter or E-mailer walking down the middle of the sidewalk, coming off of the elevator, or even crossing a busy street oblivious to what's going on around them due to the shear devotion of getting what ever message off they are so feverishly typing by any means necessary. This person most undoubtedly must be closing a multi-million dollar business deal. Right? Probably not. I must admit I have been a culprit of this crime a time or two (thousand) and let's face it on the train you almost look like a creature from another planet when u don't have the cords from a pair of iPod ear buds hanging from your ears. That being said I am not a total crack head well, not literally anyway my crack of choice is not the illegal kind sold on corners or in dark alley ways it is the perfectly legalized dope known as the Blackberry smart phone or better known in some circles as the crackberry curve 8830. With that said I would also like to proudly announce that I have now noticed the error of my ways and like a fellow friend of mines so modestly said today about his crackberry habit, I am working through my addiction.

Some argue that very statement or description of this affliction that my generation suffers so badly from as being an addiction at all. Mainly our elders... Most of whom absolutely hate, hate, HATE IT! They feel that my peeps (the I want it NOW-ers) are just being inconsiderate, irresponsible and rude.

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