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After our 200-person book launch at Hunter College School of Social Work, Willie Tolliver and I were lucky enough a week later to be invited to speak about our book Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services: Why the Glass is Always Full by our good friend Emily Rubin at the Supportive Housing Network of New York’s (SHNNY) 9th annual conference at the New York Hilton.

It went well; hell, it went really well. We started with 100 people in the room and ended with 125 folks, some of them crammed against the exit door. Nobody left, we got thoughtful questions, lots of folks wanted to buy the book. All good. Emily had ensured a well-organized event, and she came through. We felt honored to have been there; happy to see some former students’ faces, equally pleased that most came for the topic and not because we were known to them at all.

The celebration for our book Stories of Transformative Leadership: Why the Glass Is Always Full was kinda' spectacular. It left all of us at LTG humbled at the outpouring from so many good people who have touched us over the years. Three weeks later, the magic from that night remains...

Maybe it was getting to re-connect with Gilbert Guzman's widow Donna Galeno and his beaming daughter. Their happiness showed that the quiet guy who gave us the title to our book indeed left a very full glass...

Maybe it was seeing two powerful people, Fire Commissioner Nick Scoppetta and Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, show the quality of their character as they relaxed in quiet away from the spotlight...only to leave a stronger imprint on people that they stayed so long...

Maybe it was the three young men from the Fort Greene projects working as servers for the first time who kept going the extra mile as the evening wore on, stepping up to the challenge Kami and Wanda gave them to serve the room with a touch of class...

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